Grizzly Coast is the musical project of Toronto based indie-rock musician Alannah Kavanagh. Her background as a poet, mixed with her lifelong affinity for playing music led her to blend the two mediums on her singles, Half-Light Boy and Zuzu’s Petals. Formerly performing as an acoustic singer-songwriter, Grizzly Coast showcases both an expansion into full-band indie rock territory and a commitment to free falling deeper into her lyricism on the song. In 2019, she is set to release a string of singles to promote her anticipated full-length LP.

“Grizzly Coast, or Alannah Kavanagh as she is otherwise known in day-to-day life, exerts her poetic gift on the jangling new folk-fuelled track that brims with the hope” The Line of Best Fit

“Grizzly Coast’s background as a poet leads her to write deep and meaningful lyrics” A Journal of Musical Things

“Penned from Kavanagh’s natural poetic heart, the track implements an innocent imagery and a weightless amount of freedom. Bright melodies and a tender folk core allow Kavanagh’s melodious tone to be distributed throughout the track for an uptempo delight” Girl Underground Music on “Zuzu’s Petals”